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The Failure Of A Business- Bad Customer Service

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Customer Service is defined as the advice and assistance provided by a company to its customers before, during and after the buying of products.  Customer service greatly affects the sales and thus the revenue and income of a company. Because of the above factors customer service plays a major role in the success of any business.


Types of Customer Service-

In modern times, Customer Service offered by companies are of two types-

  • Automated Customer Service– In this type of customer service, a person or an automated Tele caller provides assistance to the customer in need.
  • Instant Feedback– Some MNCs like Netgear invite the customer to undergo a survey to let them know if the service provided was satisfactory or not. These largely help in building up their business as customers feel that the company cares about them.

What Areas Does Customer Service Affect?

A bad Customer Service can badly affect the business as well as the reputation of any company. The areas where the company would be wounded the most because of a bad Customer Service are the following-


The root cause of the success of any company depends on upon its customer base. If the customers of the company are not happy or satisfied, the downfall of the company is inevitable. If the customer service of a company is not up to the mark, the customers will go for the exit doors even before thinking of taking out their purses. A bad customer service not only affects the existing customer base but also affects the future potential customers. The future potential customers will be not approaching a company with bad customer service since there is already a stain on their reputation. Most of the companies depend on word of mouth marketing, and so even a slight dissatisfaction among the customers spreads like a wildfire and in no time the company comes to its knees.


The reputation of a company is mainly built upon the number of clients it handles on a yearly basis. Because of a bad customer service, the customer base of a company can become half within the blink of an eye. As the number of customers goes down, the reputation of a company goes down the drain. As a collective of all these reasons, the company loses both its present as well as future potential customers.


The profit earned by a company is calculated on a yearly basis, and that directly depends on its customer base. As the customer base of a company keeps on going down, so is the revenue generated, and before the authorities take note of it, the company goes bankrupt.


Company with no clients to serve and no revenue being generated will almost certainly lose all its employees. Other than this factor, a lot of employees resign by themselves because they don’t want to be shouted upon by angry customers.

Tips On Providing Quality Customer Service-

The following are the things that should be looked upon while forming a company’s customer service team-

  • Hire people who are good with human interaction has good communication skills and can work under high work pressure with a smile on their face.
  • An adequate amount of time and money should be spent on training the employees so that the service provided by them is well up to the mark.
  • The employees should be kept happy at all times, because if they are only frustrated, then how will they deal with a frustrated customer!?


Taking the above points into consideration, it can be easily concluded that if the customer service is not up to the mark, then in no time the company will be on its knees.


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Downfall In Business Can Be Seen Due To Bad Customer Services

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For any business to succeed best customer services are of prime importance to make customers happy and permanent. If a company fails to do so, then they will see a downfall in their business. Business is all about services to the customers but if businessmen cannot fulfil customer’s request them they are likely to get negative reviews and will eventually result in a loss of business. Customers are the working unit for any business, failure to serve the customers will harm to the system and the system is a business. Reason behind the downfall of many businesses is as follow:

CustomerH Care

Failure In Service Delivery:

Delay in any service promised to the customer is the reason behind the failure of good customer services. If a person promises to complete the desired task of the customer and take the time to deliver they have promised then, it will ruin his own reputation as well the reputation of the company. Such activities are the prime reason behind the failure of any business. One must not delay any service to the customer because service is the basis for the growth of business. Always try to deliver on and before time.

High Price For Mediocre Service:

If a company charge a high price for any service and deliver very mediocre service then they will surely lose the plot. Customer like good service at economical prices, therefore, to make a business successful the key is to provide the best class service at the very economical price this will boost the business . Otherwise it will cause loss only and will result in the downfall of the business. Mediocre service is not at all desired by the customers; customers want best services only If best services are not delivered they loose interest and approach someone else. Due to such reasons, many businesses is in downfall phase.

 Delivering Less Than Promised:

Words are most important in any business if a company promise to deliver big but in actual is delivery small then it will be regarded as cheating with the customers and it is not at all desirable if a company do this it will fall for sure. This is one of the major reasons behind the fall of any business; a company must take all the care to keep their business on the top. Every customer dreams more than promised but receiving less than imagination they will feel cheated and will never visit us again, and this will ruin our business.

Inconsistency In Services:

Consistency is all that matters to the customers. Consistent services attract customers and encourage them to visit you again and again. Inconsistency in services will ruin the customer’s interest in your company and results in loss of your reputation and downfall of the business. Customers will complain about inconsistency once and twice, but if no action is taken, they never visit again for any service and will do negative publicity as well which will discourage others to visit your company for any service. Due to all such reasons, bad customer services results in the downfall of the business.

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Effective Communication In A Customer Service Environment

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Effective Communication Is Key!

Communication is a key skill in any given customer service situation—this is truth.  Effective communication, however, is without a doubt one of the most critical components you’re going to need as a customer service representative.

These skills apply to all communication channels. It could be face-to-face, through email, over the phone, or through emerging online channels. What matters is the ability of the customer to receive clear messages filled with empathy and warmth.

Listen Actively

First things first: effective communication requires active listening. Avoid making your customers feel like they are talking to a wall. This is more critical during face-to-face communication. Listen to all your customers in equal measure and indicate to them that you have understood their complaints and concerns.


Be involved in the conversation and react to what the customer is communicating. You can react by nodding your head or using phrases such as “I see” to indicate your understanding of the subject matter. Ask questions and summarize the customer’s point of concern. This will indicate to them that you care and are interested in offering them the right solutions.

Don’t Interrupt

Effective communication relies on a clear channel for your customers voice.  Avoid interrupting your customer. Give them a chance to express their opinions exhaustively. A customer will definitely be upset if you interrupt their explanation and start offering them a solution.

If you feel the necessity to interrupt, make a point of explaining to them what you think their main idea is. This will provide them with an opportunity to confirm or correct you.  Interrupt politely where necessary and allow your customer to understand why the interruption was necessary.

Use Analogies

An analogy can best explain a technical idea. They break down an unfamiliar concept in the terms of a familiar one. Effective  communication analogies will motivate your customers, clarify their thinking and help them overcome developing misconceptions over unfamiliar concepts.

Engage your customers in order to identify any previous knowledge they might have in relation to the concept at hand. Use their knowledge to explain the new concept. When used appropriately, they are likely to promote the customer’s loyalty on your business. Use a few demonstrations where possible to boost the customer’s understanding.

Maintain Positive Language

Making little changes in the way you converse goes a long way to creating a happy relationship with your customers. Language plays a critical role in persuading your customers. Additionally, customers develop perceptions about you and your business based on the language you use during communication.

Your customers are more interested in your capabilities rather than limitations. Negative language is the major cause of gaps of silence during telephone conversations and blank stares during a retail sales experience. The customer often feels the company is unable to solve their concerns unlike their earlier expectations.

Generally, think before you speak to your customers. Guard your mouth and tongue and you will keep your face off calamity.

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